Economy Update FIP - 1

In-game items and features can only be purchased using sFNC, USDC, and ETH

Effective Wednesday, 8th June 2022, only sFNC, USDC, and ETH (all on the Polygon network) can be used to purchase in-game items, breed, and for future game features. FNC will no longer be able to pay for the aforementioned. For players wishing to spend their in-game FNC, they can simply claim that in-game FNC as sFNC. The value of sFNC will be pegged to FNC, meaning that 1 sFNC = 1 FNC on the market.

This is beneficial for our ecosystem as this should result in more FNC being burned and the USDC and ETH used for in-game purchases will be used to make FNC purchases on the market, which should increase the price of FNC.

By removing FNC from being used in-game, we are treating FNC more as a governance token which is beneficial for its long-term health and our platform more broadly.

In-game pricing will be equivalent between sFNC, USDC, and ETH

We will also make all prices for items and features in-game pegged to the USDC value in real-time. For example, let’s assume the cost to breed the first pair is 10 USDC and FNC is trading at $0.05 and ETH is trading at $2,000.00. Players can breed their first pair for either 10 USDC, 200 sFNC, or 0.005 ETH in that example. We believe that this pricing structure will be more intuitive for players as opposed to having static pricing that is manually updated. Additionally, offering in-game items and features at equal value pricing should allow us to maximize spending for players holding all 3 currencies. These prices are subject to change as the team finetunes pricing if necessary.

Below you can find updated pricing that will be implemented in-game effective June 8th, 2022.

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