F-Ray Mode

F-Ray Goggles

F-Ray mode can only be played by equipping F-Ray Goggles which can only be bought in our Marketplace Current cost is 30 USDC or equivalent in sFNC / ETH, please note that sFNC is pegged to FNC regardless of market price. F-Ray Goggles comes with an upgradeable system — I, II, III and IV Higher levels will provide increased benefits compared to lower level Goggles. To upgrade to a higher level, players will need to own all tiers of Goggles below their current status and also pay a small USDC fee to upgrade.

Currently, only Tier I is available. Tier I comes with a max of 3 daily charges and a total of 21 charges which once spent can be recharged for 15 USDC or equivalent in sFNC / ETH.

A charge will be automatically spent once you've hit a Golden Log, currently golden logs are the only way to find items. A Golden log will drop the following items with a 95% chance: Resources

  • USDC (between 1$ and 50$ per pair)

  • Gum

  • Sticks

  • Fiber

  • Wire


  • Wooden Shield Protects the player from one collision per game and allows them to keep flying despite hitting one log. Not usable in tournaments. Stackable with other items.

  • 24-Hour Memory Card Allows score to carry over after death once per day (player must activate before entering game to select that game to use score for future). Stackable. Cannot be used in tournaments.

Raffle Tickets

  • Golden Ticket

Please note that a full recharge can be done at any time, regardless if you've spent the full 21/21 charges or not. You cannot use more than 3 charges daily per pair.

Golden Raffle System

Each Golden ticket has a 75% chance to win one of the items from within the pool:

Cash Prizes

  • 1.5 USDC

  • 5 USDC

  • 250 USDC

Crafting Resources

  • Gum

  • Sticks

  • Fiber

  • Wire


  • Wooden Shield

  • 24-Hour Memory Card

No reward

  • Nothing

If you have a large collection of tickets, you can also mass play by selecting up to 50 Golden Tickets to play in one go.

The crafting resources found via F-Ray Mode can be used in the following section.

Crafting chances

  • 90% Success chances

  • 9% Failure chances

  • 1% chance to recover some of your crafting materials, the craft will fail.

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