Code of Conduct

Prohibited Activities

Please find below a list of prohibited activities that you must avoid while playing Fancy Birds! Breaking any of the below rules can result in a forfeiture of your account, which will permanently ban all your Genesis and Baby Birds, making them unplayable in-game.

  • Multi-accounting. A player may not use more than one account to participate in any tournament within a 24 hour frame.

  • Unauthorized software. The use of any type of system or program that could modify or hack the system while playing a game or using our website, including any data mining tools, extraction tools and robots is prohibited.

  • Harassment. Players cannot abuse, harass, or commit misconduct against any players, agents and developers of this game.

  • Scamming and Cheating. Do not scam, cheat, hack, lie, or mislead any players as well as gaming the system for personal gain.

We want to create a safe and fair-play environment for all our players! Fancy Studios reserves the right to change these rules at any time without warning

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