Fancy Marketplace

Fancy Marketplace is a completely rewritten NFT market customized for our community. It inherits all the advantages, like fast loading and advanced filters, and at the same time equipped with many new features and enhancements. We aim to ensure straightforward navigability yet high optimization for efficient NFT trades.

Supported Wallets

Hot Wallet: Metamask* and any Wallet Connect compatible wallet.

Cold (via Wallet Connect): Please make sure that your cold wallet is ERC-721 compatible.

Wallet 3
RICE Wallet

*Getting started with Metamask


The Fancy Marketplace allows you to view all the NFTs that are currently listed by others. To buy a bird, head to the Marketplace tab on our website and explore the dashboard.

In the Fancy Marketplace, you can view the Quest history of a bird and how many Breed charges it has left.

You will also be able to sort and filter by Price, Listing Period, Breeding, Charges Left, Token type, Bird type, and Season. There are two separate tabs for Genesis Birds and Baby Birds.

Filter Options

Price: Low to High & High to Low

Listing Period: Newest to Oldest & Oldest to Newest

Season: Season 1 & Season 2

Token Type: USDC, FNC & sFNC

Bird Type: Legendary, Full Set, Collaboration & Mutant

Banned Birds cannot be traded

DISCLAIMER: Banned birds cannot be used to play our games or breed within our ecosystem. Please do not buy them elsewhere as they are not usable.

To sell a bird, you will have to head to the Nest tab to browse all NFTs you have. You can only list NFTs that are not rented. Search and filter options will help you keep track of all activities related to your NFTs.

Currently, you can only trade using the Fixed Price Auction (reminder that this is Beta, so we will have more updates coming to create a smooth trading experience for our users).

Transaction and Fees

As an owner, you will be able to decide what each NFT asset is worth, set the price, and list it on the marketplace. Once a listed NFT sale is made, the seller will receive 95% of the sale, and 5% will be automatically sent to the Fancy vault. That will help with the growth of the Fancy ecosystem. OpenSea tax is currently calculated at 2.5% platform tax + 5% royalties.


If a user sets a price of 2000 FNC tokens, the dashboard will automatically let the seller know that they will receive 1900 Tokens (5% or 100 tokens go to the Fancy vault). The Fancy vault will distribute these tokens back to stakers via revenue distributions.

Supported Tokens and Smart Contracts:

At the moment only ERC-721 smart contract NFTs on Polygon created by Fancy Studios are acceptable. We are expanding to support ERC-1155 FTs/items and more chains such as Ethereum, AVAX, Fantom, Solana, etc., in the future.

The Fancy Marketplace currently supports the following tokens and smart contracts:

ERC-20 (Tokens)

USDC - 0x2791Bca1f2de4661ED88A30C99A7a9449Aa84174

FNC - 0x7f280daC515121DcdA3EaC69eB4C13a52392CACE

SFNC - 0x8f06208951E202d30769f50FAec22AEeC7621BE2

ERC-721 (NFTs)

FB (FancyBirds) - 0xAd59EcB77033391E847cC96829b08beb83151088

FBB (FancyBabyBirds) - 0xdC5Ffeb686f3CC6a3fB68848Ab9F4B3a9FFA6736

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