The Origins

Fancy Games Studios

Fancy Birds was the brainchild of core DAO contributor Mr. Fancy, as some of you know him by in the Discord. Mr.Fancy is a long time competitive gamer with a background in organizing eSports tournaments, being a top gamer in Canada and has been involved in the blockchain space the last two years. The idea of Fancy Birds came about after observing that many simple PFP based NFT projects were not able to deliver on the promise of a completed game. He also observed there are many existing proven game loops that could be put to a much better use as a P2E & PVP element. Mr Fancy immediately starting working with two of the DAO contributors fancy-janitor and Mad-Badger to form a DAO team that would be able to complete one of their favorite game loops of all time — Fancy Birds was formed. The team worked tirelessly on completing the NFT part of the project, as well as completing the full first version of the game on Rinkeby test environment. At the same time the team started to share some of their teasers for the core community forming in the Discord and on Twitter. What happened next was a surprise to everyone…

Kieran Warwick, co-founder of Illuvium tweeted about the idea of a P2E Flappy Bird.

After getting the chance to finally demonstrate the working game to the Illuvium co-founder and explain the roadmap of Fancy Games expansion beyond the v1 release, Kieran immediately came on as a strategic advisor. Followed by weeks of calls and demo’s the first seed round was completed.

Some of the major investors in the round included Kain Warwick from Synthetix, angel investor Santiago Santos (ex-Parafi), 0xMaki from Sushi, Anton Bukov from 1inch, Ryan Fang from Ankr, Stani Kulechov from Aave, Tyler Ward from Barnbridge, Richard Ma from Quantstamp, Joey Santoro from Fei Protocol, and the Tokemak team.

The Fancy Games DAO was blown away by the interest in the project and honored to have such a star studded line up of blockchain founders to start this journey with!

Our Vision

Our platform can be likened to a modern, blockchain-enhanced version of past casual gaming platforms like Mini Clip or Addicting Games, providing easy-access to arcade games for casual gamers worldwide

Fancy Games Studios differentiates itself from the competition by providing a best-case scenario for gamers: a platform for casual arcade games designed around proven game loops that are enhanced with monetary rewards.


The Treehouse has grown to a strong 65k users on Discord, and 55.5K on Twitter. Thank you to everyone in the discord for helping grow the Treehouse into one of the fastest growing communities! Let’s keep working together to expand the Fancy Games ecosystem as much as we can. We love being in the community with you all daily and can’t wait to start growing the Fancy Verse together.

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