Guildmasters Rental Guide

Rental is the feature that allows guilds and other players with more than one or two birds to hire scholars that will complete their quests at a cost. For scholars guide please head to Scholarship - How to Rent and play! To start your journey please head first into website. If you do not own a bird yet, you can use one of the safe links that will lead you to Opensea:

Watch out for the Banned birds, those are not playable NFTs and they cannot be used in the rental system nor be unlocked once bought. Head into Nest section of the website and click My Birds, here you will have a section of the birds you own and the birds you rented from other owners.

You will have a rarity filter that allows you to select from three choices: Genesis first Baby Birds first Rarity - The rarity filter will show your birds from Highest to Lowest.

Click any bird that you may want to rent, it will open a field where you can view how many quests you have completed so far, and also how many players have rented your bird including Breeding charges and Cycle in case you go for Mare Breed rental type.

Click Rent Out to start the process: Public - Shared profit ( Minim 40 to rental and 60 to Owner ) Pay rent fee - Renter will pay a fee to use the bird. You may select number of days and USDC, sFNC or FNC as a fee for the total amount of days, or per day. Make sure to put a fair price else Scholars might not rent your bird.

Direct - Here you can rent the bird directly to someone you trust by entering his/her address! It applies the Shared Profit system. Mare Breed - Your bird will spend a breeding charge if its rented, your quests will stay the same! Select the option that fits you the most make sure to click Approve and then click Rent Out.

Once you confirmed the action in your wallet, you're good to go!

Now your bird is rented and it will show in My Birds, you will be able to track the Quests history to see if your scholar is active, and Rent history tab will show you who is he or she. You can also call it back by clicking Cancel rent.

By selecting Mass Rent out, you will follow pretty much the same process, except that you will able to Rent multiple birds at once. Reminder: Mare Breed is only available for Single Rent-out

Next screen will allow you to select up to 150 Birds that you can rent. You will also have a Sort by filter that will be really helpful if you want to rent your Baby birds first.

Click on Select Max then press Continue with xx birds to go to next step.

Options are all the same as in single Rent, only difference is that we also Mass direct.

Mass Direct option allows you to rent your birds to multiple addresses at once. You may use the same address for multiple birds.

In Quest statistics tab you can view all your birds including the rented ones, this allows an easier track of what birds don't have their quests or check-ins completed.

Shared Profit tab, will let you know how much you're earning from your active rented bird. And also the total amount from a finished rental.

Airdrops section will show you how much you've been airdropped so far.

Overall income will allow you to see how much you've earned since you started your Fancy journey!

Happy Earning!

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