How to Stake - Polygon

This staking guide will outline everything you need to know about staking your FNC tokens on Polygon Network

Connect your wallet

The first step to stake your FNC tokens, is to connect your wallet You will need to connect your wallet, by clicking on the ‘connect’ button on the upper right-hand corner. You can select from a number of different wallet providers, including Metamask, and other Web3 wallets through WalletConnect.

On Polygon Staking you can access the new staking dashboard, which will provide you with some basic information and statistics on your staked FNC and rewards.

Claim and Stake your FNC

After successfully connecting your wallet, you are now ready to start claim and start staking your FNC!

You can choose to stake your FNC tokens earned in-game by accessing your wallet on, or buy from here and stake. You can also chose to Claim it as Synthetic FNC, which will automatically burn underlying FNC.

Important Note on claiming FNC as Staked (not to be confused with sFNC): Week 1 - First lock 4 weeks Week 2 - Second Lock 4 weeks Week 3 - Third Lock 4 weeks Week 4 - Fourth Lock 4 weeks - First Week FNC Unlock Week 5 - Fifth Lock 4 weeks - Second Week FNC Unlock Cycle goes on and you will always have 1 Unlock each following week as long as you continue staking.

Please note, when claiming as Staked FNC there will be a 10 mins waiting period before you will be able to see your staked position. The minimum amount required to stake is 50 FNC.

If you wish to claim as sFNC and not stake you can do so by pressing the Claim sFNC tab.

Pick your Settings

When picking your settings, you can choose between 4 weeks and 1 year. The longer duration you lock-in your stake, the greater your rewards. For information on how the lock/weighting work and detailed info on staking please refer to FNC Staking - Polygon


After you have selected your settings, you can press the ‘claim’ button. You will then get a confirmation pop-up, the transaction is gas free. The transaction happens in the backend, so you won't receive a confirmation. it might take up to 10 minutes. Once is completed you will be able to view your deposit under Positions and Rewards.


The process is the same, except that this time we are staking FNC that we already hold in our bag and not in-game FNC. After you have selected your settings, you can press the ‘Approve FNC’ button. A pop-up will show in your Metamask wallet, press confirm to continue. Once confirmed on your end, you will then need to wait for the transaction to be confirmed on the Polygon network.

After the transaction is approved, you will next need to make a second transaction to stake your FNC tokens. You will see a ‘stake’ button being highlighted under Approve FNC.

Once the transaction is confirmed, you will see a ‘Transaction confirmed’ pop-up notification.

Once you the transaction is confirmed, you’re all set! Your FNC tokens will now be officially staked, and you can start collecting rewards.

How to Claim your FNC staking rewards

To claim your rewards, you can navigate to the ‘Position and Rewards’ tab, and press the ‘claim’ . Note: Rewards are sent automatically at 1 PM UTC Daily.

Upon pressing ‘claim’, your wallet will prompt you to confirm the transaction.

Claiming as FNC will create a new staked position that will show under Deposits, you will receive yields for the new position. If you chose to claim as sFNC, it will be automatically be sent to your wallet after confirming the transaction.

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