My transaction is stuck

We have listed some common errors that the users might face. You can find the solution below the image of the error. In case you're shown a different error, please raise a support ticket for Polygon team to troubleshoot.

  • Common Errors

This normally occurs when the transaction gets replaced and the wallet web application is not able to detect the replaced transaction hash. Please follow the instructions on and complete your withdrawal. This also works if you completed the first step but never did the second step of the withdrawal. To simplify it, all you have to do is insert the Transaction Hash number and follow the steps. IF you do not have a transaction hash # you can cancel your transaction in the Metamask and restart the process.

The current RPC error you're facing might be due to an RPC overload.

Please try changing your RPC and proceed with the transaction. You may follow this link here to get a faster or better RPC.

This is usually an off-and-on error that gets resolved automatically. In case you are still receiving the same error while reinitiating the step, do raise a support ticket with all the relevant information to troubleshoot this further.

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