Seasons and Leaderboards


Leaderboards keep track of the progress made in Fancy Birds Game and Fancy Birds: Sky Wars seasons. They allow players to compare their progress and earn rewards based on their ranking. Each type of board tracks progress differently:

Tournament Leaderboards

Fancy Birds leaderboards are split between both Tournaments and Normal gameplay modes as. To help encourage a variety of play styles and allow players to measure themselves against similar competitors.

The highest rank is awarded to the player(s) who scored the highest points. Of those people, those who have reached the top 15% will receive cash rewards. While ten random participants will be chosen for a drawn lottery to win FNC prizes.

Season-only Leaderboards

Normal gameplay Leaderboards are Season-only. This means that these Leaderboards will reset at the end of each Season and start anew. Each player Leaderboard will be split between Normal and Tournament mode.

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Fancy Birds feature seasons, that gives you additional collectibles which, can be unlocked via Breeding through two Genesis Birds. That will give you access to each Legendary, Set and Mutant baby bird.

Please check below for info on each season:

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