Fancy Seeds

All birds need to consume Fancy Seeds to earn FNC from quests. You can play the game without Fancy Seeds, but you will not be able to earn FNC. Each Seed will provide energy based on bird type:

  • Genesis Bird: 9 days

  • S1 Bird: 7 days

  • S2 Bird: 5 days

  • S3 Bird: 5 days

Seeds can be bought in Marketplace for 0.3 USDC or sFNC/ETH equivalent.

In rental shared profit mode, the owner will have to feed the birds for them to earn. An exception will make when the scholar pays a direct fee. Only then can the scholar feed the bird to earn. Birds can be feed more than one seed at a time.

Game Quests

  • Daily Quests: There are 3 daily quests, one for each game that will earn 3 FNC each. This accounts for 9 FNC per day per bird. Mutants earns 4 FNC each for daily challenges, accounting for 12 FNC per day per bird on daily quests.

  • Weekly Quests: There are 2 weekly quests for each bird, earning 3 FNC each, for a total of 6 FNC per week. Mutants will earn 4 FNC each for weekly challenges, for a total of 8 FNC per week.

  • Daily Check-In: 1 FNC per day per bird. However, a player can only claim if all 7 daily check-ins are completed (i.e. if a player only has 6 check-ins, they do not get any rewards). A check-in can be done by scoring at least 1 point.

  • There is no limit on the number of birds one account can play with each day.

  • Baby Birds during Season 1 will earn the same amount as Genesis Birds for the first month. After the first month, the Season 1 Baby Birds in aggregate will be capped to 200k FNC total per day indefinitely, divided evenly based on quest completion percentages.

  • Baby Birds during Season 2 will earn the same amount as Genesis Birds, capped in aggregate to 200k FNC total per day indefinitely (or until Season 3 is released, at which the team may revise the earnings amount), divided evenly based on quest completion percentages in the event the cap is reached. Note that Season 2 Baby Birds will have a separate 200k FNC/day earnings pool from Season 1 Baby Birds’ 200k FNC/day earnings pool.

Weekly quests and check-in can be completed in any game at any time.

In-Game FNC

By clicking the Inventory button on the game console, we can see 4 different types of tokens in-game. Starting from the left, these represent in-game FNC, FNC, sFNC and USDC.

In-game FNC is earned within each user's account after completing daily/weekly challenges and from any earnings from Tournaments. It is equal to FNC. sFNC is pegged to FNC value as long as it's used in-game, for breeding/crafting/name change, etc.

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