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Charts and Contracts

CMC: Coingecko: FNC contract: 0x7f280dac515121dcda3eac69eb4c13a52392cace sFNC contract: 0x8f06208951E202d30769f50FAec22AEeC7621BE2 Genesis Contract: 0xad59ecb77033391e847cc96829b08beb83151088 Baby Birds Contract: 0xdC5Ffeb686f3CC6a3fB68848Ab9F4B3a9FFA6736

To buy FNC and sFNC Ethereum Network FNC: SushiSwap Polygon Network FNC: QuickSwap Polygon Network sFNC: QuickSwap To buy items and NFTs Marketplace: Items: Opensea Baby Birds collection: Opensea Genesis collection: Genesis Rarity Sniper:

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