Fancy Birds is the brainchild of core DAO contributor, Mr. Fancy. he is a long-time competitive gamer with a background in organizing eSports tournaments, being a top gamer in Canada and has been involved in the blockchain space over the last two years.

The idea of Fancy Birds came about after observing that many simple PFP based NFT projects were not able to deliver on the promise of a completed game. Mr. Fancy also observed there are many existing proven game loops that could be put to a much better use as a P2E & PVP element.

Mr. Fancy immediately starting working with two of the DAO contributors fancy-janitor and Mad-Badger to form a team that would be able to complete one of their favorite game loops of all time. And thus, Fancy Birds was formed.

Mr. Fancy




Core Contributor


The DAO has been constantly expanding the team to speed up the efficiency and output for the multiple projects under the Fancy Games Studio. We have made an additional 9 hires over the last 2 weeks for the engineering and design teams including 2 front end engineers, 1 unity engineer, 2 game designers, 3 artists for future games, and 2 backend engineers. Including the core contributors, we are at a total team size of 36. We currently have three teams working together. The core team with some more expansion is focusing on Fancy Birds production and its additional features such as multiplayer mode and the marketplace. Another team is working under the core team on the beta version of game 2, since it will use the same Fancy Birds assets in game. The third team is working on an open-source SDK for game developers to build their own mini-games under Fancy Games Studios in the future. More details about the SDK will be given in the near future so stay tuned!

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