Scholarship - How to Rent and play!

In order to rent a bird head to: or select Nest then Rent

Here you can make use of the following filters to make sure the rented bird applies to your preferences.

Click the bird you like then complete the captcha in order to be able to proceed, for Shared Profit you will need to follow those steps: *Note: Shared profit allows you to earn a certain percentage while the owner also get his cut, while Rent Fee allows you to take all the earnings while paying the owner for a certain amount of time.

Click the captcha and afterwards confirm the bird in your wallet.

In the unlikely event you waited to long, your captcha will expire, you just need to click the captcha again in order for the order to go through.

Once you confirmed your transaction, you will see the following message as part of the confirmation, you can continue renting more birds or press Go to my birds in order to see the bird you just rented.

Now in order to view the birds you rented, head to My Birds then press on Rented filter while deselecting Owned, depending on your birds quantity.

To play, press Play Game, and depending on your device click Play in Browser or chose between Android or IOS.

Click Start Game and get ready! Remember, if you hit a log you will have to start over.

To keep a track of your bird Quest completion or the ones you rented to others you can head on to Quest Dashboard tab, you will receive detailed quest completion about any of the birds that you own, including rented ones.

Airdrops section will show you how much you've been airdropped so far. Remember to select the checkmark if you want to exchange your in-game FNC for sFNC or FNC

Overall income will allow you to see how much you've earned since you started your Fancy journey!

Congratulations! You are now a fully fledged scholar. In order to learn more about how to earn in game by completing quests, make sure to read Earnings and FNC Tokenomics!

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